Klick Todo X

Klick Todo X new and improved !!!

Date and Time Selector Klick Toco X

ktodo_categoriesXKlick Todo X is a streamlined todo/task manager making all controls available on a single view !
Ideal for all ( phone/Tablets) android devices due to its size.

Inputs from designers working in the print industry to make Klick Todo snappy,user centric and accessible to all age groups.

Klick Todo Features:
- All properties of the task just a single click away and on the same Screen !
- Categories ( default categories for now, custom categories will be added soon )  !
- Set notification + alarm for tasks with a single tap
- Set Due Date and Time for a task with a easy to use scrollable date/time setter.
- Clean widget designs
- Blazing fast and user friendly UI
- Marks tasks overdue with color schemes
- Easily differentiate tasks with predefined color schemes
- Tasks are automatically sorted by date
- Tasks marked completed are automatically pushed to the bottom of the list.
-Set custom alarm notification
-Enable disable vibration for notification

Klick Todo 2.1

Hi All !!

We just updated Klick todo to make it faster , cleaner and more awesome !!

Klick todo 2.1

Klick todo 2.1 new UI

Changes in 2.1:

  • Fixed crashes on Jelly bean devices
  • Added Roboto Font for cleaner text rendering
  • Color changes to make the Task list more pleasing and readable
  • Lower end devices small font issue should be fixed now . 

Klick todo Version 1.9

Klick todo version 1.9 is out!

-The binary is now just 400kb
-fonts are now bigger for devices with smaller screens
-4×2 widget is cleaner with better display
-cleaner ui for the tasks with blue task separators
-performance fixes

Klick Todo v1.86

What’s in version 1.86 :

  • Fixed bug : time was not being displayed correctly when entering new task
  • Application size reduced by 30% !!
  • A much cleaner 4×1 widget ( more dimensions coming soon )
  • Cleaner looking task dividers
  • Stability fixes on lower end devices

Let us know features you wanna see going further !

Thanks for your continued feedback :)

Klick Todo Version 1.8

Your favorite todo/task manager application now has the ability to set notification sound of your own !!

What’s new in 1.82

- set a reminder notification sound of your choice
- enable / disable vibration on notification
- new icons for options menu
- overall performance improvement
- couple of crash issues fixed

Check out the new version and provide your feedback :) .

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